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Amal Ottawa, division of Amal Express Money Transfer Financial Services, is registered as a Private Limited Company to carry on a business of transmitting funds, buying and selling of foreign currencies, wiring of funds, selling of long distance phone services, and selling of travel airfare. Our money transfer, long distance phone services, fund wiring, and travel agency service are all easy to use and provide a friendly image, fast and superior quality services to our customers at a competitively low cost. Amal Express, the mother company, since 1997, based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates is the largest and leading provider of community-based remittance services in the Horn of Africa. Through Amal Express network of more than 500 agents around the world, our customers can now easily send and receive money abroad. Amal Express involves increasingly diversified business activities. Including money transfer, selling of airfare, selling of long distance phone services, selling of travel airfare, banking in Horn of Africa, chain of foreign exchange bureaus and real estate offices in East Africa.